Monorail Carcass Scales

Weigh carcasses in motion. NTEP approved Morrison monorails are an industry leader. Over a billion pounds are weighed and paid off of Morrison monorails each month in the United States.

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At Morrison Weighing we have produced precise and reliable monorail scales for more than 50 years.

NTEP approved Morrison Monorail scales are available for beef, pork, lamb, product hanger, and trolley weighing applications. Each monorail scale has a standardized load cell output which is compatible with Morrison indicators as well as the majority of other indicators on the market.

Motorized monorail scales automatically transfer hanging carcasses along the rail while taking an accurate weight in high-speed motion. As is standard in most slaughter operations, the scales are NTEP approved for “Hot Scale” weighing to pay producers, as well as “Cold Scale” weighing for data collection and measuring shrink.


  • Pork Monorail Hot Scale
  • Beef Monorail Hot Scale
  • Lamb Monorail Hot Scale
  • Pork Monorail Cold Scale
  • Beef Monorail Cold Scale
  • Lamb Monorail Cold Scale
  • Trolley Scale

Contact us today to discuss your monorail scale weighing needs. We offer full package solutions including installation assistance and data collection software. Once our products are installed we stand behind them with prompt and reliable on-site service, no maintenance contract required.

Custom Application

If you don’t see your application on this example list, don’t worry! Just contact us below with what you need, and we’ll get you a quote swiftly.

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The benefits of choosing a Morrison monorail scale for your business

Morrison monorails provide the excellent accuracy required to pass governmental inspection year after year. Maintenance is simple, saving your staff time and reducing the risk of costly and aggravating mistakes. We support our products for life and are readily available when you need us. With Morrison, you can be sure you’ve installed an industry-trusted scale that will stand the test of time.


Designed to last

Properly maintained Morrison monorails regularly exceed 20 years of continuous use in the field. Our 50+ years of experience building monorails have allowed us to finetune our design for maximum performance. The current models offered combine our real-world knowledge from countless installations with the best of modern engineering. To pair with the long-lasting design, we ensure service and spare parts are always available for our equipment regardless of how long you’ve had it.

Inexpensive maintenance

Morrison’s motorized monorails are mechanically engineered to achieve high speed NTEP approved accuracy without the need for a “transition rail” or custom chain. This improvement reduces required maintenance and drastically reduces lifetime spare parts cost.

  • No “transition rail” - By achieving high speed NTEP approval without the use of a transition rail, Morrison monorails require less maintenance, and provide higher reliability. No more need for regular maintenance teardowns to replace internal moving parts of a transition rail.
  • Heavy duty chain - Morrison in-motion monorail scales are designed to use heavy-duty chains from a mass-production manufacturer. The cost of these chains is up to 80% less than the complex chains required to operate competitors’ monorail scales. Furthermore, Morrison’s chains’ robust design helps them last longer than the competition, saving even more replacement parts cost in the long run.

Prompt and reliable service

We know that the success of equipment isn’t determined on the day of sale, but instead in the months and years of operation that follows. Morrison Weighing systems technicians are readily available whenever you need them and parts are quick and easy to order. On-site service calls are available on an as-needed basis, with no expensive service contracts or red tape.

In addition to on-site service, all Morrison equipment comes with lifetime free technical phone support. Call us for free, anytime, and speak with an experienced technician or engineer who will help you work through any issue you may have.

As a long time Morrison Mono-Rail carcass scale user, I can attest to its solid performance and ease of maintenance. Maintenance, when required, is simple and fast. Annual review by GIPSA and/or Weights & Measures for over ten years with no issues. Will continue to be a Morrison customer.

Dan N, Triumph Foods


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Complete hot and cold scale solutions

Hot or Cold scale setups require a weight indicator control box, data collection software, and in many cases tattoo (or other data) entry systems. Morrison offers full package solutions that include all of these components in one reliable system.

Solutions are customized to your plant’s existing hardware and software for complete integration. If you’re building from scratch we can provide the whole solution from the monorail scale to the PC loaded with tailored data collection software.

Over the years we’ve worked with a broad variety of companies with unique needs and have a large library of past installations to draw from when setting up the system to meet your needs.

Beef Carcass Scale

Robust & reliable equipment and software

Morrison NTEP approved indicator control boxes are built to be easy to use and maintain, and offer incredible lifespan and durability. For the entirety of our company’s history, we have made scale control indicators, especially for the toughest production environments.

We understand the need for robust and reliable equipment and software. Our production floor data entry systems withstand even the toughest of washdown conditions and are easy to maintain. Our software is easy to use and written to operate without the risk of errors. It easily records data with backup files and the ability to feed data into other plant-wide software systems in real time.

Choosing Morrison for your Hot and Cold Scale is choosing the team with the experience and background necessary to ensure a successful project.

Static Weigh Rail

Static monorail scales

In addition to our motorized monorail scales, Morrison offers static monorail scales for smaller operations. The static scale requires carcasses to be pulled onto the scale and let rest momentarily before taking the weight. This is an inexpensive solution and great for small to midsize operations.


Industries Served

We tailor our systems to your specific product and functionality requirements. This flexibility allows us to build simple and dependable industrial scales to weigh all types of product. Our focused design ensures that you only pay for the functionality you need. This simplicity eliminates over-complicated designs with frustrating maintenance. Learn more

Morrison is trusted by leading companies


9 out of the 10 largest pork processing companies in the United States use Morrison Weighing Systems equipment in their plants.


All four of the “Big 4” beef producers in the United States use Morrison equipment, as well as a broad variety of independent plants.

Why Choose Our Services


After purchase, you can choose to install the equipment yourself or have a Morrison technician provide installation supervision.


We stand behind our products with prompt and dependable service. We are readily available to provide service and will come for an on-site rate when you call.


All Morrison equipment comes with lifetime free technical phone support. An experienced technician or engineer offers support from the office 7am-3:30pm CT, and after hours your assigned technicians are available by cell phone.


Service is on an as-needed basis, no red tape or expensive service contract required.


Every system we install is carefully documented, so when you call, we have all job notes specific to your location available.

From Our Clients

I’ve worked with Morrison Weighing Systems equipment for the past 23 years. They are like family to me. They are a friendly and devoted company and have always been there when I need help and training. Their equipment is top of the line and I would recommend it to anyone. Morrison will design and build you a custom system to your needs, they take the time and dedication to make sure it’s right and working. I wish there were more companies out there like them.

Kevin H, Smithfield Foods
Smithfield Foods

As a long time Morrison Mono-Rail carcass scale user, I can attest to its solid performance and ease of maintenance. Maintenance, when required, is simple and fast. Annual review by GIPSA and/or Weights & Measures for over ten years with no issues. Will continue to be a Morrison customer.

Dan N, Triumph Foods
Triumph Foods

We have been using Morrison Weighing for over 30 years in multiple operations within our facility. Most of these operations are critical to our daily production. They are extremely familiar with the products they sell which help keep my downtime to a minimum. They are quick to respond to an issue and this makes them exactly what I’m looking for as a vendor.

Jayson S, American Foods Group
American Foods Group

With Morrison, You Get a System Made For Your Business!

When choosing Morrison you’re aren’t only choosing a high-quality weighing system – you’re also getting an experienced team to guide your project to success. Contact us today to talk about your application.