Custom Design

We work closely with you to design equipment that uniquely integrates with your facility's existing infrastructure and requirements.

weighting system

If you haven’t been able to find the piece of weighing equipment you need, we can help. Morrison Weighing Systems’ engineers have broad experience designing custom scales for plants and equipment integrators.

Our control electronics have the flexibility to cover a broad variety of applications, and software and mechanical design can be completed to your specifications.

We have a vast library of past projects to draw inspiration from when designing new equipment. Over the years we have designed everything from explosive detection scales for the Pentagon to portable watermelon sorting machines for farmers’ fields.


  • In Motion Weighing
    Weigh products at higher speed than is possible with static weighing.
  • Difficult Material Handling
    Automatically sort and handle products with difficult physical properties like stickiness or inconsistent size.
  • Constrained Space
    Equipment tailored to fit into the space available in an existing plant layout.
  • Specialized Weight Data Software
    Software written to specifically integrate with your existing inventory and plant control software.

Weighing systems for any application

We have a broad catalog of past projects and experience to draw on when designing new custom equipment.

Watermelon sorting scale

The watermelon sorting scale is easy to disassemble and fit in a semi-truck, so it can follow the watermelon harvest season from Mexico up through the US.


The “Littlefoot” was custom designed for a customer to weigh, label, and reject, all in one portable unit that could be moved from one line to another in their plant.

Morrison software

Morrison software is customized based on customer requests, including specialized reports, communication with existing inventory systems, and manager vs operator permissions.

Conveyors and sorting systems

Conveyors and sorting systems are sized and built to fit the product size and plant floorspace requirements.

Broad Experience Designing Custom Systems
  • We build the system you want

    If you already have a specific design in mind, we have the experience and fabrication ability to make it happen. Nobody knows your production needs better than you, so we build to your specifications.

    On the other hand, if you have a weighing problem to solve, but don’t have a design yet, our engineers will work with you to design an effective solution.

  • All-in-one systems

    Our ability to design not only scales, but also conveyors, labelers, software, and sorters allow us to take responsibility for large parts of projects. This way you do not have to rely on a mix of vendors, and we are fully accountable for the project and equipment integration.


Industries Served

We tailor our systems to your specific product and functionality requirements. This flexibility allows us to build simple and dependable industrial scales to weigh all types of product. Our focused design ensures that you only pay for the functionality you need. This simplicity eliminates over-complicated designs with frustrating maintenance. Learn more

Why Choose Our Services


After purchase, you can choose to install the equipment yourself or have a Morrison technician provide installation supervision.


We stand behind our products with prompt and dependable service. We are readily available to provide service and will come for an on-site rate when you call.


All Morrison equipment comes with lifetime free technical phone support. An experienced technician or engineer offers support from the office 7am-3:30pm CT, and after hours your assigned technicians are available by cell phone.


Service is on an as-needed basis, no red tape or expensive service contract required.


Every system we install is carefully documented, so when you call, we have all job notes specific to your location available.

From Our Clients

I’ve worked with Morrison Weighing Systems equipment for the past 23 years. They are like family to me. They are a friendly and devoted company and have always been there when I need help and training. Their equipment is top of the line and I would recommend it to anyone. Morrison will design and build you a custom system to your needs, they take the time and dedication to make sure it’s right and working. I wish there were more companies out there like them.

Kevin H, Smithfield Foods
Smithfield Foods

As a long time Morrison Mono-Rail carcass scale user, I can attest to its solid performance and ease of maintenance. Maintenance, when required, is simple and fast. Annual review by GIPSA and/or Weights & Measures for over ten years with no issues. Will continue to be a Morrison customer.

Dan N, Triumph Foods
Triumph Foods

We have been using Morrison Weighing for over 30 years in multiple operations within our facility. Most of these operations are critical to our daily production. They are extremely familiar with the products they sell which help keep my downtime to a minimum. They are quick to respond to an issue and this makes them exactly what I’m looking for as a vendor.

Jayson S, American Foods Group
American Foods Group

With Morrison, You Get a System Made For Your Business!

When choosing Morrison you’re aren’t only choosing a high-quality weighing system – you’re also getting an experienced team to guide your project to success. Contact us today to talk about your application.