About Us

Morrison Weighing Systems is a custom design/manufacturer of in-motion weighing systems and controls. We build scales and weight indicators with custom software to complete multi-function automated weighing systems.

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Morrison Weighing has been working with customers to find solutions to their in-motion weighing problems for more than 55 years. Since the beginning, our priority has been to listen to your needs as a customer and tailor a solution to your specific situation.

Based in Milan, Illinois, we primarily supply equipment in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We are fortunate to have many employees with decades of experience in the weighing industry, as well as new employees educated with a fresh perspective on engineering methods. This combination allows us to build modern systems on a proven foundation.

Most of our team have spent the majority of their careers with Morrison Weighing Systems. You can expect a deep understanding of not only weighing systems in general, but also Morrison equipment specifically when discussing a project. This ensures you get exactly what you need, and the final result of your project is efficient and profitable.

  • 55+ Years Experience
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Custom Engineering

Company Values

Buy for Life

We believe engineers should focus on providing the best possible product, and we are morally opposed to planned obsolescence. Our systems are built for maximum longevity and regularly exceed 20 years of operation with proper maintenance. Older systems have exceeded 40 years with electrical retrofitting.

Right to Repair

We support the “right to repair” movement and build our systems to be simple to repair. To support this belief we offer free lifetime technical phone support for all of our products, no maintenance contract required.

Service is Sales

We focus on providing excellent service, and being easily accessible to customers. If you have any issues we are quick to come to your location and help resolve the problem. If you appreciate our quality and service, the best way to say thank you is to refer us within your industry!

Our history

A family business for more than 55 years, Morrison Weighing Systems was founded by Don and Jan Morrison in 1963. The business began in the basement of their Rock Island, Illinois home, building scale indicators and controllers.


The first big break came when Don landed a job for Dow Chemical, replacing their old mechanical dial scales with “new electronic weight indicators”. To this day our main line of control indicators are named “DC” for “dial conversion” as a homage to the early days of electronic weighing.

At the time in 1963 Dow Chemical was concerned about the longevity of the company, but Don assured them that Morrison Weighing Systems would still be in business to service their scales for at least five years.

This promise was kept, and the business quickly expanded into other weighing industries. Cautious to avoid overextending, the company stayed based in the Rock Island home’s basement until there were too many neighbors and family members working there to fit the space.

By 1974 construction was completed on a new building in Milan, Illinois. This would become the site of future building expansions, and the location of our home office.

Through the 1980s and 1990s the variety of work increased and more focus was placed on custom in-motion systems. By the early 2000’s Morrison was building a wide variety of weighing systems from security for the Pentagon to fully automatic labeling systems.

In the 2000s and 2010s, flexible PC software became a larger and more important part of the business. As data storage becomes more affordable, straightforward data visualization and integration become increasingly valuable. In the mechanical field, the development of rapid prototyping techniques have significantly cut down on our lead times, and 3D modeling has empowered customers to more easily guide equipment design.

Today the family tradition continues with Don’s grandson Wynn Feddema working as an Engineer for Morrison Weighing Systems. Wynn holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

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From Our Clients

I’ve worked with Morrison Weighing Systems equipment for the past 23 years. They are like family to me. They are a friendly and devoted company and have always been there when I need help and training. Their equipment is top of the line and I would recommend it to anyone. Morrison will design and build you a custom system to your needs, they take the time and dedication to make sure it’s right and working. I wish there were more companies out there like them.

Kevin H, Smithfield Foods
Smithfield Foods

As a long time Morrison Mono-Rail carcass scale user, I can attest to its solid performance and ease of maintenance. Maintenance, when required, is simple and fast. Annual review by GIPSA and/or Weights & Measures for over ten years with no issues. Will continue to be a Morrison customer.

Dan N, Triumph Foods
Triumph Foods

We have been using Morrison Weighing for over 30 years in multiple operations within our facility. Most of these operations are critical to our daily production. They are extremely familiar with the products they sell which help keep my downtime to a minimum. They are quick to respond to an issue and this makes them exactly what I’m looking for as a vendor.

Jayson S, American Foods Group
American Foods Group

With Morrison, You Get a System Made For Your Business!

When choosing Morrison you’re aren’t only choosing a high-quality weighing system – you’re also getting an experienced team to guide your project to success. Contact us today to talk about your application.